I've made a huge, tiny mistake.

Jodi // a mockumentary musical rom-com (with time travel) // premiered April 1988 to mixed reviews // "4 stars!" says somebody // featured on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog // winner: 60th Academy Awards - Outstanding Blooper Reel // filmed in Florida, Atlanta & Jerusalem // starring Tatiana Maslany & Tatiana Maslany // screenplay by Nora Ephron // directed by John Hughes // narrated by Ron Howard // mocked by Jon Stewart // music by Phoebe Buffay // dedicated to the memory of Li’l Sebastian // soon to be adapted into a BBC mini-series, a TLC reality show & a Pixar short // DVD available exclusively at Target // © The Dharma Initiative

"Thanks, asshole."
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, to a male Congressman who told her to exercise so she wouldn’t become “porky.”
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'Ah! Smell that air! Grass and lemonade! And a little bit of mint. Just a hint of mint. Must be the 1920s.'

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Season 2 Gag Reel for Elementary. Enjoy before CBS attacks!

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