I've made a huge tiny mistake.

Jodi // a mockumentary musical rom-com (with time travel) // premiered April 1988 to mixed reviews // "4 stars!" says somebody // featured on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog // winner: 60th Academy Awards - Outstanding Blooper Reel // filmed in Florida, Atlanta & Jerusalem // starring Tatiana Maslany & Tatiana Maslany // screenplay by Nora Ephron // directed by John Hughes // narrated by Ron Howard // mocked by Jon Stewart // music by Phoebe Buffay // dedicated to the memory of Li’l Sebastian // soon to be adapted into a BBC mini-series, a TLC reality show & a Pixar short // DVD available exclusively at Target // © The Dharma Initiative

"a person who is okay" - famed critic

About Me

Jodi, twenties, NY state, university professional, E/INFP, other/old usernames: formerlyflapperorslapper, maebyfeatherbottom, boys2menorah, nobleknope

I invented Post-Its.

Top TV loves:  Parks & Recreation, Lost, Orphan Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,Arrested Development, Elementary, Friends, The Office, Doctor Who, Grey’s Anatomy, Veep, Fringe, Castle, 30 Rock, Miranda, The Daily Show, The Colbert ReportSeinfeld, Pushing Daisies, The Mindy Project, Party Down, Misfits, Don’t Trust the B, Episodes,  Happy Endings, Scandal