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Jodi // a mockumentary musical rom-com (with time travel) // premiered April 1988 to mixed reviews // "4 stars!" says somebody // featured on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog // winner: 60th Academy Awards - Outstanding Blooper Reel // filmed in Florida, Atlanta & Jerusalem // starring Tatiana Maslany & Tatiana Maslany // screenplay by Nora Ephron // directed by John Hughes // narrated by Ron Howard // mocked by Jon Stewart // music by Phoebe Buffay // dedicated to the memory of Li’l Sebastian // soon to be adapted into a BBC mini-series, a TLC reality show & a Pixar short // DVD available exclusively at Target // © The Dharma Initiative

"a person who is okay" - famed critic

After living in Austin for a few months, Pam and Jim realize it isn’t right for them and decide to move to the greatest town in America: Pawnee, Indiana

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#The Office#Parks and Recreation#made by moi#Jim Halpert#Pam Beesly#Ok so here's how I envision it:#Pam teaches art classes and Jim helps Tom relaunch Entertainment 720...scaling it back so it actually succeeds wonderfully.#Leslie and Ben ask them out one Sunday for brunch at J.J.'s and soon discover that they've never seen Game of Thrones#so they immediately bring the Halperts back to the Knope/Wyatt residence and force them into an 8-hour marathon.#The two couples eventually start having weekly brunch/tv dates.#Jim is shocked and utterly awkward when meeting Ann - confusing her with a certain ex-girlfriend of his.#They soon figure out that there's no relationship but Jim calls in Dwight - played by special guest star Rainn Wilson for an episode -#to launch a full investigation into Ann and Karen's identical looks anyway as a fun prank.#April terrifies Jim and Pam and before they know it they've adopted 4 dogs and a komodo dragon from her.#Andy calls dibs on 'Stapler in Jello' as a band name.#Jim dresses up as Ron for Halloween by simply wearing a red polo and black pants.Later he tricks/pranks Ron into eating low-fat turkey bacon#Donna convinces Pam to treat herself to a sexy little black dress that flatters her goods#and Jim to a Superman costume that he refuses to actually ever wear.#Jim also asks Dwight to investigate how the hell Jerry/Gayle happened.#Oh and Mose also moves to Pawnee and becomes bffs with Chris by gifting him with an endless supply of organic beets.#.....and that's what you missed on Parks and Halperts.#....coming soon to NBC.#Please and thank you Greg Daniels and Mike Schur.

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